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What we offer


Counseling, groups, and classes to keep you healthy and happy from inside out.

In sanskrit GURU breaks down into GU meaning "darkness", and RU meaning "destroyer of" or "remover of". So a guru is one who removes darkness (lack of knowledge), leading you to enlightenment. The name PsychGuru was born out of the sanskrit concept with psych pointing to the science of the mind (psychology).

Our new Grand Prairie location is larger, offering Biofeedback, art therapy, and progressive muscle relaxation!


Ruby Jones-Epstein,  LCSW is a warm and empathic Holistic Psychotherapist, who uses an open-minded approach to help you process the challenges that life tends to offer us.


Specialties Include :

  • Stress Reduction

  • Depression

  • Employee Assistance Programs

  • Lap Band / Gastric Bypass

  • Racing  Thoughts

  • Multicultural Issues

  • Work Burnout

Mental Health Services are best with an initial face to face meeting. A proper client to therapist relationship is established when the client has visited the office and met with the therapist. Contact via e-mail and phone is intended as a support system between regular meetings only. Services are provided exclusively by licensed professionals, and may be covered by major insurance providers.  Our client information is confidential at all times. 

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